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Now that we’re discussing what makes exercise fun, I want to add that one of the most fun ways I exercise is with a friend. I love the company, and especially if we are listening to great music together, or counting the beats together, having someone by my side really makes the time go quickly.

Here’s an example. I have a buddy at work who has been talking about getting back into shape because when he plays basketball with his kids he feels like he can’t move as well as he used to. I told him that I have been using part of my lunch break to get in a few crunch-less abs with my bender ball, and he became intrigued. He had never heard about Bender Ball before. So I let him try it during lunch, and he thought it was a really great way to exercise.

The next day I brought the Bender Ball that I use at home to work, and we did a 7 minute workout together. We couldn’t talk because we were breathing in time to our exercise, but we listened to some great music together on my iPod, and I would say we had a really great time. Try it. I think you will find it a good way to never skip doing your Bender Ball workout, if you know you are helping someone else to stay in shape, too.


I LOVE my iPod.  I’m not advertising for iPod and I’m not getting anything from them!  I love my iPod because I find that music is really an important part of my exercise routine.  Whether I’m at the gym on the treadmill, or I’m at home with the Bender Ball, I find that I’m much more motivated when I’m grooving to the beat.

And, the best part of the iPod is that I can groove to so many different beats!  I get bored of my music quite often, and I need to spice up my routine.  I actually find myself excited during my work day, when I know that I’ve got new music waiting for me on my iPod.  And, I only allow myself to listen to it when I’m exercising.  This way, I get myself up and out to do my exercise and I enjoy the music along the way.

Nothing like the iPod, the gym and the Bender Ball to make a guy’s day!

I’ve definitely had times when I stopped exercising for awhile.  I got a cold that dragged on, I hurt my back, or the weather just made me feel groggy for a week or two.  The hardest thing, I find, is to get back into the routine once I’ve jumped out of it.  Recently, I ignored my exercise for almost two weeks.  When I finally awoke from my fog, I groaned and realized it was time, yet again, to get back to the Bender Ball and the bike.  Here is how I did it.

First, I just did it!  Rather than complaining, groaning and talking about it for awhile, I simply got back into the routine.  I woke up the morning after my lapse and jumped right back in.  I gave myself about a week to transition back into my regular routine.  When you miss a week or more of exercise, you can’t just start where you left off.  You have to actually give your body time to readjust.

I also added a small reward for myself each day that I exercised for the first week back.  One day I watched an extra episode of my favorite show; another day I treated myself to Starbucks.  I decided each morning what my treat would be, and then I gave it to myself after I finished exercising.  This helped me to get back into the routine.

Last week, I started offering hints for how to begin a new exercise program.  Now, once you’ve seen your doctor and thought of an exercise routine that you think fits your personality, it’s time to get started.  Here’s what you should consider.

1. Don’t think – just do!  Once you’ve decided that you are ready to join a gym, or you’re willing to try out a Bender Ball for 5 minutes a day, or you bought running shoes and want to walk each day – just do it!  Don’t think about it or talk about it anymore.  Just get out there and start.

2. Set realistic goals – Now, you need to be gentle and realistic with yourself.  Don’t assume that you’ll exercise six days a week for one hour.  Create realistic goals and try to stick to them, gently in the beginning.

3. Chart it – Keep a chart of your progress, writing down how long you worked out, what exercise you did, and how you felt afterwards.  Hopefully, this will show you how you are building up your stamina and changing along the way.


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