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Exercising in the summer can be a challenge. The high temperatures of the summer and higher humidity in many places, can add to the stress of exercise on the body. If care isn’t taken to drink plenty of liquids, and take frequent restful breaks, the body could react by developing heat related ailments like heat cramps, exhaustion and even heat stroke.

The dangers from heat stresses are almost nothing when exercising with the Bender Ball. First of all, it is an indoor activity which can be done in an air conditioned environment, or during the cooler hours of the day. In addition, Bender Ball exercise is not a highly stressful workout resulting in exhaustion or perspiring. In most cases ten minutes of exercise with the Bender Ball is all it takes to develop the strong, slim abs you are striving towards.


Summer is back! It is probably a good idea to make some changes in your exercise regimen to account for the hotter days. First of all, if you run, try to time your outing to the cooler parts of the day, either early morning or at night. Even when you are indoors working out with your Bender Ball, it is probably a good idea to exercise in the cooler hours of the day.

Exercise increases body temperature, and if you add to that the additional heat in the environment, you have created a stressful situation for your poor old body. Your body is programmed to stay at the perfect 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, and it does whatever it needs to  in order to maintain that inner equilibrium.

When exercising in the summer, whether it is with your Bender Ball or playing a game of basketball, tennis, or whatever your favorite outdoor sport is, it is important to remember that because of the increased ambient heat of summer, combined together with increased exercise, your body must work harder to maintain its inner temperature of 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

The body has a few mechanisms to keep cool as the heat rises, whether through climbing outdoor temperatures, or exercise, or both.  The body stays cool by increasing the circulation of blood closer to the skin so that heat is removed more readily, but this decreasing the amount of blood available to the muscles for exercise. This in turn increases the rate of the heart.  There is also more stress on the body in places where humidity is high, because perspiration, which cools the body when the moisture evaporates off the body, has a harder time evaporating in higher humidity.

I must admit that there are times that even I, the guy who is crazy about exercise, grows bored of my routine.  The Bender Ball sits in the corner for a few days, the crunchless abs are tossed aside and I just don’t have the motivation to do anything.  I’m always surprised when I get into these ruts – and even more surprised when I find a way to pull myself out.

What I try to remember, however, is that I do, eventually, always climb back out.  Life is a process and it’s not always easy to force yourself to comply with the routine you’ve established.  Sometimes, your body really does need that break.  And you can give it to yourself as long as it doesn’t turn into an extended vacation!  Just know that eventually you’ll be pulling the running shoes out, dusting off the Bender Ball and getting ready for action again.

I can’t imagine anyone being honest when saying they actually enjoying doing crunches.  Let’s face it: crunches suck.  They are tough and uncomfortable and require way too much puffing and panting.  But the results they often render make us think that it’s a case of the old adage ‘no pain, no gain’ running true.  Not so.  According to Dr. Rob Johnson with these crunches one is generally using “less of the muscles you want and more of the muscles you don’t want,” so what ends up happening is that you get painful ribs but not necessarily flatter abdominals.  That is where the Bender Method helps.  “What’s unique about the Bender Ball,” he says, “is that it will help you relax the muscles that you’re trying to avoid training and help you activate the muscles that you’re really trying to focus on.”  Now that makes much more sense than your friend trying to convince you regular crunches are fun and easy.

I usually go walking in the evenings, and then come home and do about 10 minutes of crunchless abs with my Bender Ball.  When the summer months start, however, I find it hard to go walking when it’s so hot out.  All that I really want to do is to get into a pool!  So, why not?  I’ve started changing my routine so that I’m in the pool for my exercise routine rather than sweating it out on the track.

I’ve found a few helpful articles that direct the novice swimmer to create the right program to get started.  I’m following this routine and enjoying it a great deal – and my motto to melt it off still holds, even in the pool.  Swimming is actually very good exercise and I’m enjoying using this form of exercise as a break from my normal routine.  Give it a try and see if it works for you as well!

There must be days when, no matter how dedicated you are to your exercise routine, you just cannot be bothered. Or, you are just tired, or perhaps suffering from menstrual cramps. Now, these events can hit you quite often, so do you really want to have to not exercise on all those occasions? Well, you might not have to any longer. Today, there is a shoe that can help that! Check out this crazy new invention and watch the video at:

But as well, you can also find an exercise that will benefit you even if you are suffering from cramps. This is where the Bender Ball fits in. It is such a gentle exercise that you will not finish it with any pains at all; in fact, you will feel comforted and relaxed. So not only can the Bender Ball help you with mild cramping, you can also continue on your workout routine, going for the results you desire without having to stop! It’s a win-win situation!


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