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My kid turned 8 – good for him, bad for me!!

We had a birthday party for him with the family, and that meant cake and sweets etc. So of course I had to eat.

Then we had a party for him and his friends… again… I had to eat! So all that his birthday has done for me is make me feel older, and put on weight! What does that mean for me now? Two things, no, maybe three. Diet, exercise, and feeling fat. Of all those, feeling fat is the worst!

Solutions? Yes… I have solutions… the first of which is not to have any more birthday parties for a while… no problem, as no birthdays are happening for a while!


I am working on my physique and trying to lose weight. It is slow going. since I am having trouble controlling my eating, but the exercises themselves are doing wonders.
No time to write – gotta go use the Bender Ball and watch Leslee Bender!

Check out this PDF about the Bender Ball: