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I must admit that there are times that even I, the guy who is crazy about exercise, grows bored of my routine.  The Bender Ball sits in the corner for a few days, the crunchless abs are tossed aside and I just don’t have the motivation to do anything.  I’m always surprised when I get into these ruts – and even more surprised when I find a way to pull myself out.

What I try to remember, however, is that I do, eventually, always climb back out.  Life is a process and it’s not always easy to force yourself to comply with the routine you’ve established.  Sometimes, your body really does need that break.  And you can give it to yourself as long as it doesn’t turn into an extended vacation!  Just know that eventually you’ll be pulling the running shoes out, dusting off the Bender Ball and getting ready for action again.


There must be days when, no matter how dedicated you are to your exercise routine, you just cannot be bothered. Or, you are just tired, or perhaps suffering from menstrual cramps. Now, these events can hit you quite often, so do you really want to have to not exercise on all those occasions? Well, you might not have to any longer. Today, there is a shoe that can help that! Check out this crazy new invention and watch the video at:

But as well, you can also find an exercise that will benefit you even if you are suffering from cramps. This is where the Bender Ball fits in. It is such a gentle exercise that you will not finish it with any pains at all; in fact, you will feel comforted and relaxed. So not only can the Bender Ball help you with mild cramping, you can also continue on your workout routine, going for the results you desire without having to stop! It’s a win-win situation!

Obviously, as a father, it’s my responsibility to set a good example for my kids. I’ve found, lately, that my exercise routine is motivating everyone else and I love this bi-product of my new exercise enthusiasm. Rather than just sitting and watching t.v. these days, I am on the floor doing crunchless abs with my Bender Ball. My kids see this and it motivates them to multi-task and to find creative ways to fit exercise into their lives.

It is also showing them that exercise is important. I know that obesity today is a massive problem in the Unites States – even among children – and I like that I’m setting a good example for my kids with my desire to melt it off, to do crunchless abs, to jump rope and more.

My oldest son even asked me recently if we could get a treadmill so that he can exercise on days when he can’t go running. Now, that’s the type of money that I like to spend! Bender Ball, crunchless abs and my exercise routine are really making an impact on my family – and that’s worth all the money in the world to me!

I’ve stepped up my exercise lately and I have my neighbor to thank for it.  Every year, he creates a memorial event for his mother which includes a 10K run, a bike race and a swimming event.  You can participate in one activity or many, and all of the money that you raise is donated to a charitable organization.  I’ve never participated before, but I’ve been feeling more athletic lately with my daily exercise and my crunchless abs routine with the Bender Ball.  So, I decided to take the leap.

For the first time, I’ve really seen that setting a goal makes a tremendous difference in my exercise routine and my incentive.  On the days when I might normally say, “Oh forget the run!  I’m too tired,”  I find myself out there anyway chugging along.  I want to make it through the 10K run, whether I actually run the whole way or just walk some of it, and it’s made me more motivated with my routine.

Brilliant!  I’m definitely learning a great piece of advice with this fundraiser.  Now, the trick is to figure out what my next goal will be when the fundraiser ends so that I continue with this mindset.

Most experts believe that 20-30 minutes each day is the minimum amount of exercise a person should get. But if that is too hard to arrange, or too much for your current activity level, it is better to start with less and try to work up to a longer routine. You can even split your workouts. Bender Ball is great for this, since you only need 5-10 minutes a day of crunchless abs with the Bender Ball to get great results. The rest of your routine can be done with walking, swimming, etc.

It is certainly better to exercise every day, if possible. If not, try to at least exercise most days of the week, perhaps every other day, with a day of rest in between.

One amazing thing about exercise is that once you start, get into it and see the great results, it is very hard to stop. And finding ways to make it easier and more fun also helps a lot. That’s why I love the combination of my Bender Ball and my iPod, the two of them make my exercise routine really enjoyable.

I’m still in awe of my first five days of January.  Usually, the new year is filled with all sorts of guilt because I’ve already broken my best New Year’s resolutions by this point!  It only takes a day or two for me to start regretting what I’ve done and to wonder how to get back to my commitment.  This year, however, I turned around yesterday and realized that I didn’t even have exercise as part of my New Year resolution.  Why? Certainly not because I’ve suddenly decided that I no longer need to exercise!

Rather, I’ve been doing such a great job exercising and using my bender ball and my gym membership that I didn’t even feel like I needed to put it in my list of New Year’s resolutions.  And that has been an absolutely amazing realization.  It means I don’t feel guilty – and that I DO feel great.  I’m not resolving to exercise this year – I’m simply DOING IT!

My wife and I went away for the weekend. The kids were happy to stay at home and party with their friends. Even though we only went from Thursday night to Sunday night, we still brought along our Bender Balls. We knew we would probably go out to some really nice restaurants, and we didnt want to have to scrimp on what we ordered. Its so annoying to ask “does this have mayonaisse? Is this made with butter?” Or order chicken when you really want red meat! So we decided we could splurge on the calories guilt-free if we stuck with our exercise routine. And you know what? We really did it. We had some great meals in a few really spiffy restaurants, and we spent about 10 minutes each day before we went down to the pool crunching abs and really taking care of ourselves. Bender Ball made it real easy and fun.


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