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I’ve stepped up my exercise lately and I have my neighbor to thank for it.  Every year, he creates a memorial event for his mother which includes a 10K run, a bike race and a swimming event.  You can participate in one activity or many, and all of the money that you raise is donated to a charitable organization.  I’ve never participated before, but I’ve been feeling more athletic lately with my daily exercise and my crunchless abs routine with the Bender Ball.  So, I decided to take the leap.

For the first time, I’ve really seen that setting a goal makes a tremendous difference in my exercise routine and my incentive.  On the days when I might normally say, “Oh forget the run!  I’m too tired,”  I find myself out there anyway chugging along.  I want to make it through the 10K run, whether I actually run the whole way or just walk some of it, and it’s made me more motivated with my routine.

Brilliant!  I’m definitely learning a great piece of advice with this fundraiser.  Now, the trick is to figure out what my next goal will be when the fundraiser ends so that I continue with this mindset.


I’ve been having trouble sleeping lately and I was trying to figure out why.  I’m a night owl so I never go to sleep before midnight anyway, but this was getting ridiculous.  I was staying awake until 2 or 3 in the morning, and was then dragging myself to work in the morning.  So, I decided to analyze my routine – and I figured out that I’ve been exercising too late at night.

As we all know, it’s very hard to get everything done in the course of the day.  The one thing that often gets pushed to the side is exercise.  After a long day and a great deal of work, the last thing that most of us want to do is exercise.  I was finding at 10 or 11 pm that I was starting to do crunchless abs with my bender ball and getting on the treadmill.

Exercise, however, ups your adrenaline and gives you a rush.  This is certainly a benefit when you want a boost of energy and when you want to feel great.  But, it’s a definite disadvantage if you’re exercising late at night.

So, now I’ve started exercising right after dinner so that I have that extra energy for the early evening.  This allows me to feel great in the evening – while still getting to bed at a decent time!  It’s certainly something to consider if you find yourself having trouble sleeping at night.

Certainly, we all get into a rut with our exercise routine.  It’s hard to keep it up day in and day out.  Here are a few suggestions that might help you to jump start your routine.

1. Exercise in the morning – It’s always a good idea to get up and go.  By the time you get home at night, all that you want to do is kick your Bender Ball out of the way of the couch.  If you exercise in the morning, you are still feeling refreshed and ready for the day.

2. Caffeine – This is not to say that you should start drinking caffeine.  If, however, you are already a caffeine drinker, you might find it helpful to have a bit 30 minutes before you exercise.  This can often add to your energy level and help you to get moving.

3. Routine – The more of a routine that you create around exercise, the more likely you’ll be to stick with it.  Your body will begin to crave its 4:00 pm walk and its 9:00 pm crunchless abs with the Bender Ball; and you’ll feel it when you skip your routine.  In addition, create a consistent rhythm to your day is always a productive way to fit everything in to your hectic schedule.


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