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I don’t particularly like the color green, but it is growing on me. How? Why?

Because I am seeing green 4 times a week, and it is helping me lose weight and inches. (Okay, the green of money, especially Dollars is a good green, but that is different from the green I am describing!)

Bender Ball green is my color! I am using the Bender Ball to shape my abs (or rather lose weight and get into my clothes) and it is working. No back pain, no traditional crunches… the Bender Ball Method is the way to go.


I wanted to exercise with the Bender Ball, but my kids were playing with it!! They were kicking it around and throwing it to each other, and when I asked them for it they lay on the floor and started copying what they have seen me doing!

My kids are going to have better abs than I will! Now I have to share the Bender Ball with them!! Maybe I should just buy another Bender Ball? Never too soon to exercise, right? And sharing is caring, no?

I love blogging and surfing the internet, but sometimes it is painful. I don’t mean the time spent doing it, nor the question of what to type and write, but the physical pain!

I started exercising, and I went overboard! My abs are killing me! The Bender Ball Method is the way to go, but I didn’t follow the instructions! No wonder my exercise routine killed me, and now I have made a resolution – I will do the Bender Ball thing the Bender Ball Method way!


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December 2008
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