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There must be days when, no matter how dedicated you are to your exercise routine, you just cannot be bothered. Or, you are just tired, or perhaps suffering from menstrual cramps. Now, these events can hit you quite often, so do you really want to have to not exercise on all those occasions? Well, you might not have to any longer. Today, there is a shoe that can help that! Check out this crazy new invention and watch the video at:

But as well, you can also find an exercise that will benefit you even if you are suffering from cramps. This is where the Bender Ball fits in. It is such a gentle exercise that you will not finish it with any pains at all; in fact, you will feel comforted and relaxed. So not only can the Bender Ball help you with mild cramping, you can also continue on your workout routine, going for the results you desire without having to stop! It’s a win-win situation!


My wife and I went away for the weekend. The kids were happy to stay at home and party with their friends. Even though we only went from Thursday night to Sunday night, we still brought along our Bender Balls. We knew we would probably go out to some really nice restaurants, and we didnt want to have to scrimp on what we ordered. Its so annoying to ask “does this have mayonaisse? Is this made with butter?” Or order chicken when you really want red meat! So we decided we could splurge on the calories guilt-free if we stuck with our exercise routine. And you know what? We really did it. We had some great meals in a few really spiffy restaurants, and we spent about 10 minutes each day before we went down to the pool crunching abs and really taking care of ourselves. Bender Ball made it real easy and fun.

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My kid turned 8 – good for him, bad for me!!

We had a birthday party for him with the family, and that meant cake and sweets etc. So of course I had to eat.

Then we had a party for him and his friends… again… I had to eat! So all that his birthday has done for me is make me feel older, and put on weight! What does that mean for me now? Two things, no, maybe three. Diet, exercise, and feeling fat. Of all those, feeling fat is the worst!

Solutions? Yes… I have solutions… the first of which is not to have any more birthday parties for a while… no problem, as no birthdays are happening for a while!


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