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My wife and I went away for the weekend. The kids were happy to stay at home and party with their friends. Even though we only went from Thursday night to Sunday night, we still brought along our Bender Balls. We knew we would probably go out to some really nice restaurants, and we didnt want to have to scrimp on what we ordered. Its so annoying to ask “does this have mayonaisse? Is this made with butter?” Or order chicken when you really want red meat! So we decided we could splurge on the calories guilt-free if we stuck with our exercise routine. And you know what? We really did it. We had some great meals in a few really spiffy restaurants, and we spent about 10 minutes each day before we went down to the pool crunching abs and really taking care of ourselves. Bender Ball made it real easy and fun.

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My wife and I are thinking about taking a little trip, maybe up to the mountains for the weekend, or maybe we’ll even go for a week with the kids. One thing I’m really glad about is that I dont have to worry about my exercise routine, because it is so easy to take the Bender Ball along. And since we only need to do our cruches about 10 minutes each day, it will be easy to take the time out of our sightseeing and relaxing for a few minutes of my enjoyable Bender Ball workout. My wife feels the same way. I feel so lucky that I found this easy, fast and effective way to exercise.


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