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I ordered three more Bender Balls. My son is going to keep using the old one. So I need three more for me, my wife and daughter. My sixteen year old daughter is very weight conscious. Now that summer is coming she is going crazy with her dieting and exercising. I think she uses the Bender Ball even more than my son, who is a jock and is really into staying in shape. He told me his football coach doesn’t believe in “equipment” for working out, and wants his team to do all their sit-ups and push-ups the old-fashioned way, crunching away at those abs. Luckily the boys are young and the strain doesn’t hurt their backs. But my son said that since he started using the Bender Ball he is much better at sit-ups at football practice, and the coach even noticed. My son didn’t tell him its Bender Ball that’s making the difference, the coach is just too scary to talk to, says my son.

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My kids told me they started exercising with the Bender Ball, and I will either have to wait until they are done with their exercising or buy another one. But I had a better idea! Instead of waiting for the ball, I’ll get another one for me and my wife, and we’ll all exercise together as a family! Isn’t that a great idea? The Bender Ball is so inexpensive and so much fun, I think it could really be a great family activity several times a week, and more fun even than a Wii, which my kids all want to get for next Christmas. Let’s see how the exercise goes.


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