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Getting Back on the Bike

Posted on: February 10, 2010

I’ve definitely had times when I stopped exercising for awhile.  I got a cold that dragged on, I hurt my back, or the weather just made me feel groggy for a week or two.  The hardest thing, I find, is to get back into the routine once I’ve jumped out of it.  Recently, I ignored my exercise for almost two weeks.  When I finally awoke from my fog, I groaned and realized it was time, yet again, to get back to the Bender Ball and the bike.  Here is how I did it.

First, I just did it!  Rather than complaining, groaning and talking about it for awhile, I simply got back into the routine.  I woke up the morning after my lapse and jumped right back in.  I gave myself about a week to transition back into my regular routine.  When you miss a week or more of exercise, you can’t just start where you left off.  You have to actually give your body time to readjust.

I also added a small reward for myself each day that I exercised for the first week back.  One day I watched an extra episode of my favorite show; another day I treated myself to Starbucks.  I decided each morning what my treat would be, and then I gave it to myself after I finished exercising.  This helped me to get back into the routine.



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