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I can’t imagine anyone being honest when saying they actually enjoying doing crunches.  Let’s face it: crunches suck.  They are tough and uncomfortable and require way too much puffing and panting.  But the results they often render make us think that it’s a case of the old adage ‘no pain, no gain’ running true.  Not so.  According to Dr. Rob Johnson with these crunches one is generally using “less of the muscles you want and more of the muscles you don’t want,” so what ends up happening is that you get painful ribs but not necessarily flatter abdominals.  That is where the Bender Method helps.  “What’s unique about the Bender Ball,” he says, “is that it will help you relax the muscles that you’re trying to avoid training and help you activate the muscles that you’re really trying to focus on.”  Now that makes much more sense than your friend trying to convince you regular crunches are fun and easy.


I don’t particularly like the color green, but it is growing on me. How? Why?

Because I am seeing green 4 times a week, and it is helping me lose weight and inches. (Okay, the green of money, especially Dollars is a good green, but that is different from the green I am describing!)

Bender Ball green is my color! I am using the Bender Ball to shape my abs (or rather lose weight and get into my clothes) and it is working. No back pain, no traditional crunches… the Bender Ball Method is the way to go.


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