Getting in Shape with Bender Ball

Setting a Great Goal

Posted on: April 30, 2010

I’ve stepped up my exercise lately and I have my neighbor to thank for it.  Every year, he creates a memorial event for his mother which includes a 10K run, a bike race and a swimming event.  You can participate in one activity or many, and all of the money that you raise is donated to a charitable organization.  I’ve never participated before, but I’ve been feeling more athletic lately with my daily exercise and my crunchless abs routine with the Bender Ball.  So, I decided to take the leap.

For the first time, I’ve really seen that setting a goal makes a tremendous difference in my exercise routine and my incentive.  On the days when I might normally say, “Oh forget the run!  I’m too tired,”  I find myself out there anyway chugging along.  I want to make it through the 10K run, whether I actually run the whole way or just walk some of it, and it’s made me more motivated with my routine.

Brilliant!  I’m definitely learning a great piece of advice with this fundraiser.  Now, the trick is to figure out what my next goal will be when the fundraiser ends so that I continue with this mindset.

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