Getting in Shape with Bender Ball

Getting my abs happening

Posted on: October 28, 2008

I am trying to get my abs happening, and I just wish that I could sculpt them as easily as I am able to develop my biceps, for example. I have tried tons of stomach exercises, crunches and other stuff, and aside from no enjoying them at all, they don’t seem to work. It is really slow going. So, I neglected my stomach exercises, and just hoped that by losing weight in general I will be able to lose the excess weight around my tummy.

Well, needless to say, the going is so slow that I was losing interest. So, I decided to go online and look for reviews and recommendations for exercises for abs. My focus was on stuff that is not based on crunches – I want crunchless abs. Bender Ball is what I found. The Bender Ball is a small ball that you use in your exercises, doing a type of crunch that is easier and that also does far more than a regular crunch is up to 408% more effective. I am doing the Bender Ball method and it is working like a charm. Abs are now my favorite muscles – and biceps are only a close second!

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